Whether you're going out for water sports, water shoes are your best friend when you're near the water. We must admit that the comfort and protection of your footwear can make a big difference in the walking experience. That's why you need the best pair of SAGUARO® water shoes. SAGUARO® water shoes have the right stylish products for both adults and children. Come and buy all the water shoes you need for your whole family at once at SAGUARO®!

wear saguaro water shoes to kayaking and boating

Saguaro® Water Shoes for Women

Saguaro Pink and black water shoes

Women's Water Shoes Wave Treader DiveⅠ


Women's Water Shoes Wave Treader A21

Women's Water Shoes Wave Treader Dive II


Saguaro pink and black lace up water shoes

Women's Water Shoes Wave Treader Dive IV


Walking by the sea wearing saguaro water shoes

Saguaro® Water Shoes for Men

Saguaro dark blue water Shoes for Men

Men's Water Shoes Wave Treader Dive II


Saguaro gray water shoes

Men's Water Shoes Wave Treader Dive V


Saguaro Black water shoes with colorful rubber sole.

Men's Water Shoes Wave Treader Abyss II


Saguaro Shoes Environmentally friendly

Saguaro® Water Shoes for Kids

Kid's Water Shoes Wave Treader A021

Kid's Water Shoes Wave Treader Dive II


Kid's Water Shoes Wave Treader A029

Kid's Water Shoes Wave Treader DiveⅠ


Kid's Water Shoes Wave Treader A022

Kid's Water Shoes Wave Treader Dive III



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why saguaro WATER shoes?

water draining from the water shoes leak hole

Quick Drying

The most important feature of comfortable water shoes is the breathable and quick-drying material. SAGUARO® water shoe series is equipped with drainage holes in the sole, which is able to drain most of the water and sand. SAGUARO® aqua shoes insole also has a breathable mesh sand-proof filter. Reducing the storage of moisture on the shoe surface while keeping your feet and toes fresh. 


Non-Slip Sole

SAGUARO®'s wide toe box is designed to keep your toes open and naturally stretched, providing maximum toe-to-toe contact and flexibility, also reducing unnecessary cushioning with a thick sole design. You are sure to have a barefoot-style walking feeling based on our minimalist aqua shoes. 

standing by the rock with saguaro water shoes
The saguaro water shoes placed on the rocky beach

Flexible Thin Sole

Light and thin do not equal easy-to-break. Our soles are made of high-quality rubber that is okay for thousand times of bending and twisting. This allows you to easily feel the natural texture of the beach rocks through the thin and flexible sole while keeping your feet safe.


TAKE WORDS From Our customers

water sports shoes

Perfect in water sports

They have a good grip and easy to put on.

Mike K. talking about saguaro shoes

Mike K.

everyday indoor saguaro shoes

Comfy to wear in home

The cushion is so soft and I wear it at home as indoor shoes.

Leila S comments on saguaro's shoes

Leila S.

travel water shoes from saguaro

Easy to carry on

They are lightweight and doesn't take up space. 

Sarah C. says saguaro footwear

Sarah C.

standing in beach with purple saguaro water shoes

Quick dry and non-slip

The leak holes in the sole really helps dry up the shoes. 

Jessica M. loves saguaro

Jessica M.

Water Shoes


Beach Shoes

family members wearing water shoes in beach

Water Sports

SAGUARO® is one of the best water shoe options for outdoor sports. Lightweight and portable, safe and breathable. Our water shoes line includes men's water shoes, women's water shoes, and kids' water shoes. They fit most occasions whether for hiking across rivers, swimming through ponds, scuba diving, kayaking, trekking, boating, fishing, water aerobics or simply for a beach stroll.


Everyday Use for Breathable Needs

SAGUARO® water shoes have a stylish look that can match your daily outfits, having barely any difference from the outlook. We are not just for your outdoor adventures, but for your everyday use. Some of our customers even take them as leisure shoes or running shoes because it is too breathable to wear indoors, especially in hot weather.

saguaro water shoes in hiking
skating in saguaro water shoes by beach

Body Training

Our water shoes have a feeling comparable to that of sports sneakers thanks to the comfortable fit mesh insole and high-quality, non-slip natural synthetic rubber soles. You are welcome to wear them during daily jogging or Pilates. And this is what countless SAGUARO® customers do. Saguaro® water shoes are not just best in water sports, but also great in normal athletic uses.

know more about WATER shoes
why wear water shoes


.Choosing the right shoes for any activity is essential as it helps to keep your feet in the best condition. Water shoes are a type of footwear that is designed to be worn in the water....

saguaro shoes in outdoor waterfall


Do you love spending time outdoors by water but don't know what type of shoes to wear? Water shoes are essential for anyone who loves spending time in or near water...

saguaro shoes outdoor

7 things you don't know about your feet

Did you know that your feet can continue to grow? Even though they will settle at around age 20, the shape and size of our soles change over time...

Frequently asdek questions
  • How to clean my water shoes?
    Our water shoes are very easy to clean up. All you need to do is put the water shoes in a laundry bag and put them into the washing machine. And you're good to go.

  • Can I hike in with water shoes?
    As long as you want, you can put on your water shoes with no worries. Saguaro® water shoes are suitable for various occasions near water.

  • Should I wear socks before putting on water shoes?
    It's up to you. If you wear it for water fun, then we recommend you not to put on socks. But if you wear water shoes for daily use, then a pair of socks could be a good idea. 

  • Do SAGUARO® water shoes have arch support? Is it good for plantar fasciitis?
    Unfortunately, the SAGUARO water shoe line does not have arch support at this time. However, we are working hard to develop arch-support water shoes for plantar fasciitis. Please stay tuned to our ins, we will announce our new products on our account @saguaro_shoes
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, SAGUARO® is available for worldwide shipping.
    Customers are suggested to place the order at our branches according to their locations or language preferences:
    saguaro.com - the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand etc.
    de.saguaro.com - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, etc.
    es.saguaro.com - Spain
    If your targeted country is not listed above, please contact us and our sales representative will handle this for you.
  • What payment methods do you take?
    You are welcome to use the following payment methods.
    - Visa
    - Mastercard
    - Maestro
    - Discover
    - Paypal

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Running, surfing, hiking, training, swimming. There's always one good option for you to enjoy your time, why not take SAGUARO water shoes with you? 

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