Whether you're windsurfing, kayaking or just walking along the shore, you need sturdy footwear that will protect your feet from water, rocks and everything in between. That's why water shoes are an absolute must for these outdoor activities.

Through conversations with SAGUARO's product managers and designers, we've learned some of the things to look for in a good pair of water shoes. With water shoes, we often use terms like "breathable" and "quick-drying" uppers, meaning that the top of the shoe is water-resistant. The outsole often calls for flexible rubber material that adapts to the surface you're standing on, and the "sipes" or "razor sipes" on the outsole provide extra grip on wet surfaces.

If you're looking for a quality shoe that will meet all your needs, we recommend the Women's Barefoot Shoes Chaser A32. These durable and breathable shoes are easy to pack thanks to their light weight, and at the same time they are very comfortable. If you are more interested in water shoes - or sock style water shoes - Please go to the store to buy.

Tips for buying water shoes
Drainage is the key
Opt for water shoes that won't trap water - this will keep them comfortable and lightweight throughout the day. As mentioned earlier, look for terms like "non-drying" and "hydrophobic." We've done studies on quick drying and drainage for our performance footwear, and one of the key features we focus on is non-drying materials [like cotton]. It sounds obvious, but if a shoe doesn't absorb water, it also dries quickly and stays light when wet.

Shop for your adventure
You may be buying footwear for the water and not the dry land, but that doesn't mean you should forget your individual footwear needs. I recommend that shoppers determine their everyday needs in terms of support and comfort. Everyone has different needs when it comes to footwear. Therefore, I would advise against "unstructured" or minimally supportive water shoes if you are on your feet all day and don't normally wear these types of shoes during your daily activities. In other words: If you're simply looking for a pair for the beach or other recreational activities, any comfortable pair will do just fine. If you need a pair for hiking, sports or other physical activities that require long-term comfort and support, look for options that offer features like traction and ankle support.

Buy multiple pairs
If you spend a lot of time in or around water on your travels, it may be worth buying multiple pairs - for example, a durable, supportive pair for hiking, a more minimalist pair for lounging on the beach, a sock for sand volleyball or other sports. It's always tempting to buy a "jack of all trades" shoe. But we've often talked about how your shoe closet is like a bag of golf clubs: each pair of shoes, sandals or boots is like a specific golf club that has different tasks depending on the situation. The more specific we can be about a task, the less likely it is to work for other things.

Why should you trust SAGUARO?
Why we love it: They offer an airy barefoot feel - but they also protect your feet from boulders and hot sand.