Summertime is excursion time: Whether alone, as a couple, with friends or with the whole family - the warm months offer many opportunities to be active outdoors, try something new and have a lot of fun. No one has to travel far for this, because many summer activities can take place right on your own doorstep.

There's no denying it: When the sun shines from a bright blue sky and temperatures soar, it's nice to put on a comfortable pair of shoes and get in a sweaty workout.

With our tips, you're guaranteed not to get bored! However, there are a few things they should pay attention to when doing sports activities in the summer.

Saguaro tips for summer protection

  • The time: You should plan sports activities in the summer early in the morning or in the evening. Avoid the blazing midday sun, as this can have a negative effect on your circulation and even lead to sunstroke or heat stroke.

  • Clothing: The heat stimulates perspiration. Therefore, wear air-permeable and breathable clothing. This will help regulate your body's temperature. In the following article you will find even more valuable tips on the subject of exercise in the heat.

  • Diet: Fatty, heavy foods make you tired and sluggish. Therefore, make sure to eat only light food before your summer activities. Get recipe ideas and more info here: Nutrition in the heat.

  • Sun protection: To avoid sunburn, outdoor athletes need a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. The sunscreen should be waterproof and not too greasy. Children's skin in particular is sensitive and needs special protection.

When enjoying the outdoors, you can't miss a pair of untied shoes. Saguaro barefoot shoes are exactly what you need. Stylish, lightweight and breathable summer water shoes for the whole family.