SAGUARO Kid's Barefoot Shoes Chaser A026


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A soft and flexible sole enables the feet’s full range of motion.

A wide toe box that allows toes to stretch in a natural position.

Everyday barefoot pull-on for full movement potential.


Internal material: mesh + honeycomb hole EVA
Sole: Rubber
Fasteners: quick release
Heel height: 5 mm
Heel shape: flat
Material composition: 89% polyester + 11% spandex

Care Instructions

Our barefoot shoes can easily be washed multiple times in the washing machine during their lifetime. Please use only cold wash and low speed to avoid damaging these shoes. We recommend using a laundry bag for a particularly gentle wash. After washing, let your shoes air dry, and they will look new again.


Sustainable materials are used in the production of these insoles. The Ossolay foam, which is a popular and sustainable material that does not contain harmful substances like toxic chemicals or microplastics has been fully complies with international environmental organizations' requirements for years now! It usually breaks down within five recyclable cycles when disposed this way but sometimes it will last up to seven years before biodegrading completely through natural processes such as decomposition at soil level - no need to worry though because they're also recycling everything along their journey from farm gate straight back into productive farmland again...

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Natural Motion

The shoes are flexible enough to let little feet bend, move, and flex the way, well, that feet are supposed.

Anti-collision And Care For The Foot

The wide toe section (wide toe box) allows the toes to wiggle freely. It does not compress the toes as conventional shoes do. Therefore, comfort is guaranteed even during all-day use.

Control Of Motor Function And Balance

Ultra-thin and flexible, 5 mm sole enables the foot to bend and flex naturally, resulting in an improved walking posture, and stronger foot muscles. Saguaro barefoot shoes are suitable to be worn in playgrounds, parks, any urban environments and for everyday walking.


All-season and splashproof for concrete and trails.