Men's Barefoot Shoes Chaser VitalityⅠ


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All-condition traction grips slippery surfaces.

Lightweight and breathable eucalyptus fibers provide a higher level of comfort.

One pair of shoes for many styles - cycling, hiking, yoga, beach, diving, fishing, and more.


Upper: 92% Polyester + 8% Spandex.
Inner Material: Mesh + Polyester + Spandex.
Sole: High-quality anti-slip rubber outsole.
Closure: Quick release
Heel height: 5 millimeters
Heel Shape: FlatMachine Washable(In a laundry bag.)

Care Instructions

We know you love to wear your favorite pair of shoes, but over time they start looking worn and Maybe even a little dirty. But don't worry! You can easily clean them with just one quick wash in the washing machine-it's that simple (and no need for harsh chemicals).
To keep things gentle on those delicate fabrics our barefoot shoes are made from we recommend using cold water low speed only; making sure not put any detergents inside or near where feet will go when wet because this could damage material slightly if left too long during drying cycle which would lead towards cracking/popping etc.


Sustainable materials are used in the production of these insoles. The Ossolay foam, which is a popular and sustainable material that does not contain harmful substances like toxic chemicals or microplastics has been fully complies with international environmental organizations' requirements for years now! It usually breaks down within five recyclable cycles when disposed this way but sometimes it will last up to seven years before biodegrading completely through natural processes such as decomposition at soil level - no need to worry though because they're also recycling everything along their journey from farm gate straight back into productive farmland again...

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A flat sole provides the best base for a natural and upright posture and helps save you from knee, hip, or back pain.

Breathable And Stretchy

The breathable mesh upper is designed to keep your feet as fresh and comfortable as underwater. With a ventilation system, you can stay cool all day long!

Stable Pace

This padded rear collar pad helps to steady your foot and keep it from breaking. The stiffer material makes sure that the Achilles tendon is comfortable, allowing you more time on all fours without feeling like an awkward position will be harmful for any reason!