At our company, we're a group of outdoor enthusiasts always on the hunt for products to make adventures even easier. From early on in life, we’ve always loved exploring the great outdoors and all kinds of water activities. After covering great ranges of nature and waters with our own kids, partners, and friends in a whirlwind of epic memories, we want to share this passion with others in the best and most comfortable way possible.
Whilst on our journeys, we embraced the freedom of being barefoot whilst exploring the nature around us, although knew that being barefoot in an outdoor environment can expose anyone to potential hazards. This needs to be taken seriously – especially as your kids could be more vulnerable to certain injuries. With this problem holding us back from the adventure and exploration that was settled deep in our curiosities, we decided it was time to fill that gap in the market ourselves, with no solutions automatically springing to us from the shelves.
This is why we are here to kickstart the journey of producing premium quality and stylish barefoot shoes, knowing that this kind of product will speak to outdoor lovers just like us. So, after working hard alongside manufacturers, SAGUARO was born into the market, cherished by a loyal customer base who, like ourselves, fell in love with the idea of staying stylish, feeling comfortably barefoot, but also enhancing your feet’s safety at the same time.
We want to share our product with everyone so that they can experience the freedom of being protected whilst being ‘barefoot’, not allowing anything to hold them back from their adventurous endeavors. With a good price to complement our range of stylish designs, anyone can join in with the benefits of these fresh, contemporary products. We value every single customer – as like-minded people, our customers’ support is what keeps our barefoot family thriving and allows us to benefit more and more people around the world.