The sedentary and cushioned lifestyles we have created are making us sick, as well as our planet.

A group of outdoor enthusiasts founded Saguaro in 2012, based on a simple insight - barefoot shoes go with you.

A Saguaro product or experience actually brings us closer to nature - regenerating our physical, social, and spiritual health.

we believe:

 The closer people are to nature, the more they will protect it.

Nature is the only truly sustainable world.

The only shoes that are healthy for us and the planet are barefoot shoes. 


The human foot is a masterpiece of biomechanics; the human foot is a masterpiece of biomechanics.  It can do everything from walking and running to jumping and dancing when left to its own devices. But cramming it into a cushioned, narrow, and stiff modern shoe negates its natural strength and function. Our feet are the foundation that connects us to the earth, and they should not be compromised.

All Saguaro footwear is designed to be as close to barefoot as possible, with the highest level of flexibility. They improve the natural strength and movement of your feet. Makes you feel the ground beneath your feet.

The powerful sensory connection between the feet and the brain causes our movement and place in the world. Saguaro shoes bring you closer to nature and connect you with the world around you.


At our company, we're a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are always looking for products that make adventures easier. Since we were kids, we've loved exploring the outdoors and all kinds of water activities. After exploring large areas of nature and water with our own children, partners, and friends, we wanted to share that passion with others in the best and most accessible way possible.

On our trips, we enjoy the freedom of exploring the natural world around us barefoot, despite knowing that being barefoot in the great outdoors can be potentially dangerous. This needs to be taken seriously - especially since your children may be more vulnerable to certain injuries. Since this issue prevents us from the adventures and explorations that are deeply rooted in our curiosity, we decided it was time to fill this gap in the market ourselves, since no solution would automatically pop off our shelves.

We want to share our product with everyone so they can experience the freedom of being protected while being "barefoot" and letting nothing stop them from taking risks.


Our footwear is designed wide, thin and flexible for natural strength and freedom of movement. We make our footwear as close to barefoot as possible to connect you to the earth and feel the ground beneath your feet.
Combining ancient indigenous wisdom with modern innovation, our range consists of natural, biosynthetic, and recycled material products of super minimalist design.
Most kids are lucky enough to be born with the potential to grow with strong, healthy feet for agile, physical movement. 
SaguaroKids is all about raising nature-loving, wild kids who play free and get dirty because this is the best way to raise the healthy, happy, smart kids our planet really, really needs.
We use sustainable Ossolay insoles, insoles Ossolay foam is a popular environmentally friendly insole material product, the material does not contain harmful substances, fully in line with the requirements of international environmental organizations.
It is usually recyclable or buried in the soil for about 5 years to degrade. It can be recycled, reused, and made into recycled cotton.