What makes us truly human? Some people think that being outdoors is what makes you a real person. So let's hear what they think!

I love to escape outdoors and spend time in nature. There is something so special about being able explore an area that's never been touched by humans, it gives me such a sense of freedom I can't help but return again and again!My workplace has everything from beautiful mountain ranges all around us plus there has some incredible parks too - if you're looking for somewhere different then why not take advantage?

Sometimes when life feels overwhelming, it's helpful to be reminder that we can't control everything in this world- but there are some things worth fighting for. Being surrounded by nature reminds me of my own fragility andiness; how small any decision or problem seems after being faced against something as big (and beautiful)as these mountainside trees. The ocean waves crashing on shore give us new hope every day because they're happening without anyone overthinking them first! Sometimes going home with answers isn’t what you want most—what matters.

When I am outside, it makes me feel free and happy. My body feels connected to myself again as we negotiate the terrain together for once without getting lost or stuck somewhere unpleasant like bad weather (or maybe even worse: no matter what happens). And when you overcome those challenges - which are often presented in order of difficulty from small things such as finding your way back home after being wilderness- trekking through harsh conditions with limited food sources; bigger ones involving challenging perspectives from others who don't believe.

When I am out in nature, my mind is sharp and focused. There isn't much else you can really do when being pelted with rain or swept along by the wind! Even if its most still conditions outside things are ever changing which makes them exciting to know about as well - what's beyond that next tree? Over here on top of this mountain range ? Across waterway...

I love how ideas come to me when I'm outside. It doesn't sound like such a random phenomenon- after all, who wouldn’t have amazing creativity flowing through them if they were able to feel their most free and alive? The answer is simple: nobody! So go on vacation or take an adventure across town today because it will make you smile just knowing that somewhere out there life has its own story waiting for ours too live in this world together with everything our hearts desire at hand without restrictions from social norms or expectations set before us by others.

We all need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. There's something so satisfying about being able explore your surroundings without any limitations, just because you were born with two feet!FREEDOM: That feeling of limitless opportunity is what makes us truly human.

August 06, 2022 — SmithMadeline
Tags: outdoors

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