It's always fun to watch kids run. They run with an upright posture, knees under their hips and shoulders back while taking short steps that make them lightweight enough to be agile for quick turns or changes in direction when playing outside and never sluggish like adults! They have such an amazing way of keeping themselves smiling while running.

But what about the adults? We know how of us grown-ups are lucky enough to be born with natural running techniques, but why do we never use them anymore? More and more evidence points to the detrimental effect normal shoes might be playing in wrecking how we run. A recent study published in Nature magazine has shown the damaging effect cushioned running shoes can have on your body during a footrace or long-distance path, as it increases impact loading by up to 11%. This leads not only to stiffer legs but also increased risk of sustaining an injury!

Saguaro is all about giving kids a chance to be as natural and comfortable as possible. We believe that being barefoot or close enough will allow them this opportunity, so our stores carry only quality footwear for your little kid!

Growing up shoeless might be the key to a healthy foot. There are several studies that compare kids who wear shoes regularly with those Unshoed, and in every single one of them, there is an indicator for better overall health. Stronger feet due to less injury. Wider measurements indicate greater balance/coordination skills as well protection against birth defects such as flat-footedness or hammer toe thanks largely because they have broader spaces between their toes!

A recent study from two universities in South Africa and Germany found that kids who are regularly barefoot (the South African ones) scored better on balance, movement skills like coordination or flexibility. They also demonstrated increased levels of mental sharpness when compared to their shod counterparts, this may be due largely because they don't wear heavy shoes which restrict how well you can move around without tripping over something! Brazilian children are often seen playing football while Japanese ones practice martial arts, which require excellent balance skills as well as footwork, both requiring getting used to feeling each individual’s ground with every step you take in order not to fall or make any mistakes before taking your next action.

Kids who grow up moving, walking, playing and running without traditional shoes have the best chance at keeping their physicality. They will learn how to balance themselves well with less stress on small feet that are free from stiffness or pain caused by tight apparel.

Moving gives kids an opportunity for active play which aids in building skills such as agility because these positions require fast responses time after time while maintaining stability. You can help your kids be as barefoot as possible and when going without shoes really isn’t realistic, make their footwear minimalist, thin wide and bendy so feet grow closer to the feel of natural earth!

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