The fittest kids nowadays would be amongst the least fit from twenty years ago, according to a study by BBC and University of Essex.It shows that one in five kids leaving primary school over-weight, while America has seen an increase recently with 2 - 5 year olds who are obese or overweight.

In the past thirty years, kids' roaming area - how far from home they can venture without being afraid or worried about what might happen if something happens on their journey- has fallen by 90%. Schools reduce play time and physical education classes which leads to children spending more of their day in academic extra curricular activities. They also have grown fondness towards screens due largely because many offer entertainment.And the consequence is that children are becoming more and more anxious,frustrated and unhappy.

The Modern Molecules Mental Health Survey found that up to eight times more American university students are suffering from major depression and anxiety disorders than in the previous five decades. A poll by UK teacher’s union knew kids who had panic attacks or eating problems, including 4 year olds having withdrawn behavior due their parents not being able enough for them.

The WHO reports that depression is likely to become the leading cause of disease burden because it has such related health issues. There are many compounding reasons for what we're seeing, but at its core there's been this physical and mental restriction on our childhoods which leads us into adulthood where these problems can fester untreated until they manifest as something much worse than just being sad or moody - sometimes taking hold in ways you wouldn't think possible from just observing someone from afar.

It is well known that children need play to develop healthy minds, but what many people don't know about this important form of education are its mental health benefits. Dr Peter Gray extensively studied the topic and wrote in Psychology Today: “Play especially socialized play with other kids serves a variety functions which promote psychological development in young individuals - all without it they will fail to acquire necessary skills for living life fully."

We need to give our kids more movement. They are spending too little time outside and physical education classes don't allow for enough wiggling, jumping or climbing.Our bodies have evolved over generations because of how much activity was required in ancient times- it would be a shame if this amazing engineering went unused today.

Saguaro believes that the more you move, the less stuff there is in your life. There are so many screens and machines trying to restrict our movement nowadays but when we reduce them all together and replace it - such as spending time outside or getting dirty- then this will give us a chance for better relationships.

At Saguaro,our shoes for children offer more comfort and freedom of movement so your kid can grow up as close to barefoot as possible while still having the support they need from time-to-time.

September 19, 2022

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