Plantar fasciitis is a common type of foot pain. You might have even experienced it without knowing its name! But if you’ve ever had trouble with your feet or found yourself in severe discomfort when walking around, then this blog will help explain what plantar faciitis entails and how wearing barefoot shoes could possibly make things better for those who suffer from the condition..

The ”plantar fascia”-a ligament running along the bottom your foot connecting heel bone with toes - is what causes this condition and when its tissues tear or become inflamed due inheritance patterns in our genetics as well lifestyle choices like wearing poorly fitting shoes etc., will result into symptoms being more prominent than they would have been otherwise.

Who knew plantar fasciitis could be caused by such a seemingly simple thing? Wearing shoes seems to trigger the painful condition. But while runners often think of it as an injury that only affects their feet, overweight or sedentary people are at risk too - plus those who spend many hours standing from time-to-time might find themselves developing this foot issue too! It's also more likely when you already have high arches and/or flat feet since these conditions make your body susceptible towards pain due other injuries in addition with being overly compressed under heavy footwear.

The best way to prevent plantar fasciitis is strengthening your feet. But traditional footwear and trainers make it difficult for you foot muscles because they are heeled, narrow (making the stride short), rigid which puts unnecessary pressure on our arches when we walk or run in them - all while making us more prone towards having a higher chance at getting this chronic condition!

Saguaro shoes are wide and thin, giving the foot plenty of space to grow. The emerging evidence suggests that this builds foot strength.

Kids who go barefoot at school have stronger feet than those that don't.Barefoot running has been shown to make the arches of your feet stronger and higher, which can help with posture. One study compared 2nd grade students who wore casual shoes every day (shoes worn without discomfort) with those that were unshod at school - they found wider foot measurements in those without footwear! The University of Delaware and Harvard Medical School study found that increasing barefoot activity makes arches stronger, higher- this is because shoes can compress toes to weaken their grip on the ground.

If you're already active, slowly building up to a barefoot lifestyle could make your feet stronger and help prevent plantar fasciitis. As ever with any new change in life style or fitness routine that involves changing what type of shoes one wears while doing physical activity - it's important not just take off all their footwear at once! Take things step by step when transitioning into this healthier way-of living.

September 01, 2022

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