Is it time to rethink our school shoes? The reasons are growing, as is the evidence that they affect students’ brains and bodies. And those stiff black shoes might not be so great for your feet after all!

A recent study found wearing poorly fitted orthopedic sneakers had many benefits over traditional sports injuries by providing more support where you need it most.

In a decade-long study by the University of Bournemouth, it was found that keeping shoes off kids’ feet in class helped them concentrate better and behave academically. Kids at schools all over Scandinavia remove their outdoor footwear for indoor slipper types inside--maybe because they're technologically advanced enough to keep things clean or preserving furniture.

The traditional school shoes are STIFF, NARROW and RIGID – they don’t let feet FEEL or MOVE. Our feet have as many nerve-ending than our hands, ready to send sensory messages whizzing through growing brains! But all those hard surfaces block off feedback from the ground with each footstep! It's like putting on a cast that makes muscles weak while also inhibiting form/function.It would be better if kids could at least move around during those hours of learning -- after all the more THEY CARRY OUT THEIR WORKOUTS AND EXERCISE INSPIRATION FROM LIFE's WORLD.

The benefits of physical activity on children’s brain development have been well-established. A recent study by a group American universities found that kids with higher fitness levels had larger hippocampi, which is linked to better relational memory performance; another high school raised their heart rates right before classes they struggled and tested them again after only one semester - these students saw significant improvement in test scores! Dutch researchers also reported how 10 minutes per day spent playing active coordination games improved concentration skills among German adolescents who were participating in the same experiment as part.

Saguaro makes their barefoot shoes thin, wide and flexible so your child's feet can feel the ground as much like a natural occurrence. And kids who grow up regularly wearing no shoe have better-developed motor skills than those that wear traditional clothes all day long or go to school with one on -- according to new research from German universities in South Africa! if they want their kid's developing nicely then I recommend taking off any type of trainers or athletic.You can help your kids be as barefoot as possible and, for when going without shoes really isn’t realistic make their footwear minimalist.

Saguaro is committed to making sure your kids are moving and living their lives in a healthy way. We know that by choosing Saguaro shoes for school, you're helping them grow strong feet as well as treading lighter on our planet!

August 30, 2022

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