Did you know that your feet can continue to grow?
Even though they will settle at around age 20, the shape and size of our soles change over time. The average person will experience half an inch (or more!) in extra growth every 10 years after turning 40! It’s because as we age our bodies start shrinking and then filling with fluids until finally reaching their final form at about 75-80 years old. The human body is so amazing! When you become pregnant, your feet will grow slightly thanks to hormones and increased weight.
What's the best feet shape?
The shape of our feet is always changing, depending on what shoes we wear and where they’re from. Imagine if all your toes were the same length. It would be scary! The best foot shapes are natural, looking with strong muscles for movement, not shoe shaped at any point in time or inclined towards one side more than another as this may cause pain when walking due to uneven weight distribution.

What's the benefits of wearing shoes?
Have you ever thought about why your feet hurt when they are in shoes? It's because the design of these items was never intended for people with functional arches. We're all for taking off our shoes and giving your feet some much-needed rest. It's no surprise that since the invention of wearing footwear, we've lost touch with what a natural foot feels like! Shoes have distorted how you walk, they make it hurts more than helps. And in fact, healthily flattered by these devices has steadily dropped over time as well.
What's the point of wearing heels?
You may have heard that heels are bad for your feet. But you might be wondering why anyone would wear such cruel contraptions, especially when there is so much shoe technology out on today’s market offering superior comfort and cushioning. Heels can be damaging to your feet, as they increase the risk of spraining an ankle and developing arthritis. They also hit hardest on any part that is closest to ground level which could cause problems with shins or knees depending on how hard you walk in them!

Why shoe size is crucial?
Wearing the wrong shoe size can lead to problems beyond just discomfort. Woes caused by poorly fitted footwear may be more severe and carry a higher risk for serious foot issues, such as hammertoe or cramped toes where you cannot walk easily because of unnatural curling upwards at one end versus another which makes it harder on your joints when walking/running! A poor-fitting pair could also result in blisters, sometimes even popping out beneath your skin as well any number of smaller nasties like ingrown hairs from being rough with inappropriate material used during construction.

Did you know that most people wear the wrong shoe size?
It can be as high at 80% for men! The problem with this is not only does it look terrible, but also your feet suffer from pain and discomfort. Get yourself measured properly, so we don't see what damage wearing improper footwear brings to our favorite pair of shoes or boots.
Why being barefoot is necessary?
The modern-day lifestyle is stressful on our bodies and we often ignore the health of certain parts. One such area that deserves attention, even if you don't notice any issues right away or feel fine now can be your feet! When they're outta shoes, their muscles get a chance to stretch, which means when we go back into those tight fabrics everything hurts less because there's more blood flow going where needed most: Up towards our heads (and other important areas). Ditch 'em for some barefoot time, it'll do wonders.

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