Drink plenty of water.

You know that feeling when you're just not sure if your body is hydrated enough? That's how most people live their lives in cities. The earliest symptom of dehydration (before thirst) is slight lethargy and it starts to show up throughout the day; think about what happens while making coffee at work or trying out new recipes for dinner- there might be some serious signs here!Other symptoms include hunger pangs with no food eaten all morning long—just another reason why drinking more fluids than usual can help keep fatigue away—a lack interestor focus on anything related to.The majority of us live in a slightly dehydrated state and never really fulfillment our potential, feeling lethargic. Start your day with water as it will make you feel more sparky!

Explore on your commute.

Living in the city is a balancing act. You never know what you'll come across, but it's worth exploring every day! Make new experiences an important part of your life by finding ways to explore outside ordinary boundaries and limits on where we can go- like taking some time for yourself or initiating activities with friends that aren't always indoors at night (even if they seem risky). The more disruptions there are throughout our routine patterns - whether these involve changing plans around unexpectedly based off opportunities coming up suddenly.Making these little disruptions can help add variety into your routine which will ultimately enrich everything about the way YOU live each day.Look up – it will help to avoid a slouching ‘tech neck’ posture, so put your phone away and gaze towards the distant clouds (good for eye muscles) or nature glimpses that you might be lucky enough to see.

Go outside.

Spend time outdoors enjoying the elements - sun, wind and rain. Leave earlier to walk where you can or take stairs when getting off of a bus/tube one stop early will do it! Eat your lunch outside (ideally with friends).The summer months are the perfect time to get your vitamin D3 fix! during these hot days, wear short sleeves and jeans or skirts so that UV rays can help you manufacture this important hormone in response. Without enough calcium coming through food alone (which supplies about 10% our needs) we need it for strong bones too - just be sure not stay inside all day.

Eat healthily.

Eating locally and organically will help you to avoid the toxins found in most food produced today. Try your best not use preservatives, artificial flavorsings or other additives when possible; instead focus on healthy fats like vegetables for fuel!If you are looking for ways to get your daily dose of protein, try eating nose-to tail. The ancient Egyptians were known throughout history as being one such society that bothered themselves with ensuring they consumed everything possible while also including meat and organ meats in every meal!

In short,drink plenty of water,explore on your commute,go outside,eat healthily-easy!

August 24, 2022
Tags: outdoors tips

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